The Sunday Parenting Party – Extraordinary Flooring and Baby Smells

The Sunday Parenting Party – Extraordinary Flooring and Baby Smells

Hello and welcome to another Sunday Parenting Party.  Last week we had over 50 posts linked up!  Did you read them?  Which ones did you love?  Here are a few posts that really spoke to me.

1.  Taming the Goblin did it again with her wonderful post about how she doesn’t really fit into any one parenting niche.   This is a post I can totally relate to.  Anyone else?
2. Break the Parenting Mold reminds us all that our children are Extraordinary.  A great little reminder that I think we all need every once in a while.
3.  I chose this post from Raise A Boy because after writing this post this week, I needed some warm and fuzzy feelings about newborns.  It takes me back to J as a newborn and makes me so excited about the new boy that will be here in January.

Good job!  Grab a button!

1. Any parenting post is welcome. Humorous, helpful, inspiring, or a tear-jerker, they are all welcome. Please do not add activity posts…those can go over here at The Kid’s Co-Op.2. Please grab a button (on my sidebar) and add it to your post so that others know about the party too. 3. We have a great Pinterest board that we share many of posts linked up. I also have aParenting Help board that has tons of posts (and followers) that your post my pop up on. 4. By linking up you agree that the co-hosts of the party may use one picture from your post as a feature. 5. Try to take the time to check out the other posts linked up! 

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