7 Motivational Thoughts Moms Need to Get Through the Day

7 Motivational Thoughts Moms Need to Get Through the Day

Some days in a Mama’s Life can be so hard.  It’s tough to not beat yourself up or feel down and lonely. Often times, especially when you’re in a Mom Funk, it can be hard to see the bright side of life.  The days can drag on and we often find ourselves saying not so nice things about life.

“When’s this day ever going to end”

“I just want a break!”

“My kids are driving me crazy!”

“I just want to sit down and relax!”

When we change those negative thoughts to positive ones, our feelings about life in general can flip around. I’ve found that I need to find a few good sayings to remind me just how beautiful life can be.

I also have a few that remind me to be the Mom that I want to be.  Little motivational thoughts can keep me on track during the hard times.

“I can do this!”

Sometimes I just need a bit of a pep talk.  In hard moments, I remind myself that “I can do this!”.  I can do hard things, and I am stronger than I think I am.  It really helps me keep going.

“Kids are resilient.”

This is my “I just totally messed up and hurt my kids” statement.  I remind myself that they are very resilient, and a small mess up isn’t going to harm them forever.

“There is no perfection in parenthood.”

I try very hard to forgive myself for the imperfections in my parenting.  I remember the 80/20 Rule and it really helps me keep things in perspective.

“I’m a great mom!”

Honestly, I say this to myself in great moments.  Sometimes there are just amazing moments when I realize that I’m a great Mom.  Then, during hard times, all I have to do is remember that a few minutes ago I knew I was a great mom.

“I have great kids!”

Just like me, my kids are not perfect, but they are pretty great.  At moments when they are acting up, I remind myself that they really are great kids, they’re just having a hard moment.

“Say Yes!”

This is one of my favorites.  This helps me pick my battles, and helps me decide if something is really a big deal or not.  I try to “say yes” as much as possible during the day.  Read more about why, here.

“Just wait”

Wait.  Just wait.  Wait for lots of different reasons.  Wait before you react.  Wait to see how they problem solve.  Wait to give them time to follow through.  The more patient I am, the happier my children are, and the more they surprise me.  Read why here.

So there you have it my Motivational Thoughts!  Do you have a few statements that get you through the rough days?

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