The Mom Guilt of A Few Solitary Minutes

The Mom Guilt of A Few Solitary Minutes

I’m about to get into the shower when I hear the garage door open.

My husband is home with our boys and I know that they will be hungry for lunch soon.  I better hurry.

I take a quick shower.  I don’t take the time to stand still and feel the warm water on my aching back.  I don’t let myself relax in the steam and I don’t take the time to let my mind wander like I used to.

As I get out and look at myself in the mirror, and do a quick inventory of how much time I need to get ready.

I think…

“I don’t really have to dry my hair.  It will be curly and unruly if I let it air dry, but who cares?  I’m not going anywhere that important today.

I can put on my makeup later.  I don’t have to do that right now.

Let’s just do the bare minimum, I need to get downstairs.”

Then I stopped.  I looked in the mirror again, and it hit me.

Why do I have to hurry?  Why can’t I take my time and actually get ready?  My husband is with them, and he’s more than capable of making a few peanut butter sandwiches if they get hungry.

Why do I feel like I have to be there?  They have left me alone since they’ve been home.  They are not pressuring me to get ready, why am I rushing?

I know I’m Mom and all, but they can totally survive without me for a few minutes while I get ready.

So I blow dried my hair and I put on my makeup.  Again, I looked in the mirror.

I felt great, complete, ready to start the day.

When I finally made it downstairs, my boys were just fine.

The only difference was that I felt fine too.

Why do I feel like I need to deny myself those few minutes to actually get ready?

Is it because I’m Mom?  Is it because being a parent is my full time job, so I feel the most responsible?

I don’t know…but it needs to end.

It’s time to start really focusing on not just my kids needs, but mine too.

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