How to Stop Yelling in 21 Days

How to Stop Yelling in 21 Days

We all have habits. We create habits to make life and decisions easier.

We tie our shoes a certain way.  We have a morning routine that is the same almost every day. Most people even brush their teeth a particular way.

We program our life and put it on autopilot in so many ways so that we aren’t so overwhelmed by every little decision and task, but sometimes we program reactions without our own rational consent.

We develop bad habits and yelling is certainly one of those that rank high for a lot of parents.

Habits, especially the yelling habit, can be tough to break and change but I’ve found that by following 3 simple steps for 3 weeks, I’ve seen my counseling clients make leaps and bounds in kicking the yelling habit.

As a result, they saw enormous positive changes in their relationships and interactions with their children.

You really can stop yelling in 21 days with these 3 steps…


Andy Smithson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Writer, Speaker and most importantly a Husband and Father to three energetic boys and a heart melting little girl. Andy and his family live rural Idaho, along the scenic Snake River. Andy has a way of helping parents build powerful cycles of growth in their families through the principles of Teaching, Relationship and Upgrading themselves. Start building stronger family cycles for your family! Check out  Connect with Andy and TRU Parents all over the world on Facebook and on Twitter.

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