Getting Organized Monday: My Closet and Sensory Stuff

Getting Organized Monday: My Closet and Sensory Stuff

Each Monday I’m going to be posting something that can help you organize your home. I think that being organized really helps to run a household…especially with little kids running around. This week… My entry way closet.I struggled for a long time on how to organize all of the stuff I put into sensory boxes.  We do our sensory boxes downstairs, but all of J’s toys are upstairs.  So, I had to come up with a way to organize all of our sensory stuff separate from the rest of J’s stuff.I also like to have some things downstairs for J to play with when I’m preparing meals.  So, I have a stash of paper, markers, tape, magnetic letters, etc., that needed a place.So, I found a place in our entry way closet for al this stuff. I know, it looks a bit cluttered, but it holds a bunch of stuff, everything has a place, and everything is super easy to get to. 

My first order of business was finding containers.  So, off I went to the Dollar Store.  I bought all 10 of these containers for $1 each!I put all our sensory box fillers in plastic baggies and then into clear storage containers with labels.On the left: a box labeled sensory box fillers, each thing in baggies,  On the right: “Beans” box with different types of beans in baggies.You can’t really see it in this picture, but there is a small stack of computer paper underneath the bins.  I also have two messy play bins for playdough, shaving cream, cornmeal, etc..

The shelf below holds bins for makers, chalk, tape, small containers for sensory boxes, objects for sorting, and two small boxes for magnetic letters and numbers.  Glow sticks on the side (trying to figure out what to do with them).The rest of the closet…because I know you’re really interested.The top of the closet holds all our bags and lunch boxes, plus a blanket for outside play.  My purse goes below next to my “grab and go basket”.  I drop everything here when I come in the door.  This makes my life so much easier. I’m never asking where my keys are or searching the bottom of my purse for them.My husband’s jackets and mine are hanging inside the closet.  We hang J’s jackets and backpack on the inside of the door.My “grab and go basket” has three compartments that I can just grab what I need and go…duh.The left compartment holds my keys and anything else that needs to go to the car.  The middle compartment holds outdoor play stuff (bubbles, paintbrush to paint with water). The last compartment hold hand sanitizer, sun screen, and bug spray.In the top picture you might notice a huge purple TJ Maxx bag (yes I love that store) hanging in the middle of the closet.  This is my recycle bag.  I take anything that I might need for a kids activity and throw it in here.  I have all sorts of containers and boxes that I will probably use one day.I also keep a few things on the floor.  On the left is J’s shoe basket where he puts his shoes after we take them off.  Then my shoes.  My husband is more disciplined than I am and actually takes his shoes off in the bedroom and keeps them in his closet.  Next to my shoes are a few things for J.  A magnetic chalk/dry erase board, placemat, and oven pan for magnets.  Behind that is the leaf to my table.  Next to that are two rolls of brown postal paper I use for all sorts of activities and to cover the table during messy play.There you go…my entry way closet.  It may not be pretty, but it’s organized!  I’m amazed at how much stuff I can fit in here, and I love how accessible it is!What do you think? Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest

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